STAHLWERK Set of 3 Acetone Cleaner and Turbo Degreaser for cleaning and degreasing brakes and mechanical parts, suitable for industry, workshops and DIY

The STAHLWERK cleaner with acetone reliably dissolves stubborn dirt on metal objects, glass, ceramics and wood without leaving residues. The turbo degreaser is particularly suitable for cleaning metal parts in the automotive sector. The acetone cleaner reliably removes fresh adhesive, sealant and paint residues on surfaces as well as grease, oil and other dirt deposits on brakes, clutches, starters, alternators and engines. Due to its high creeping capacity, the acetone-based cleaner penetrates even into gaps with the tightest tolerances. This has the advantage that parts requiring maintenance do not have to be dismantled in a time-consuming process. After application, the cleaner evaporates quickly and without leaving residues. Universal Acetone Cleaner is used for all maintenance and servicing work in agriculture, metalworking, automotive and electronics.
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